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Through the course of the book, Ferrante brilliantly portrays the frantic churning of an ‘abandoned’ woman’s mind. Ann Goldstein (Europa Editions) Looking back on 2017, it’s easy to declare the year a success for literary translation, which continued to thrive and move in exciting new directions.

In fact, I found her writing so furious and unsettling that 50 pages or so in, I had to put the book away for a few days to see if I still wanted to read it. This is not a long book, so it is a good one for a flight or to read in a day or two. Of note, Emily Wilson translated The Odyssey into English.

Un bon dia entaula una relació amb una família sorollosa del sud.

Segueix amb atenció els moviments de Nina, una dona atractiva, i la seva filla Elena, que tot el dia juga amb una nina.

Are you looking forward to Aslı Erdoğan’s The Stone Building and Other Places? és una novel·la sobre la malignitat que pot arribar a niar en la maternitat.

Escrita en primera persona, la protagonista, Leda, és una professora divorciada que decideix passar les vacances en un poblet de la costa del mar Jònic, on lloga un apartament minúscul tota sola després que les seves dues filles, ja adultes, hagin optat per abandonar-la i traslladar-se a viure amb el seu pare a Canadà.

There’s a good chance you’ve already received recommendations for Ferrante’s Neapolitan quartet from gushy friends, fervent booksellers and rhapsodic librarians.

So no more excuses: Read it now, because chances are, you’ll love every soapy Italian moment.

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Gatti was criticised for a gross violation of the writer’s privacy and some believed he would be blamed if Ferrante disappeared from public life.Ferrante is putting pen to paper once more.” A year after Elena Ferrante‘s alleged true identity was revealed by a journalist, the intensely-private author is writing again but has no plans to publish a novel in 2018.

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