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Medical professionals who participate in the CME program may be MD, DO, DC, APN, or PA.

The caution here is that even though these professionals are certified by FMCSA, some states will not recognize certain categories of medical professional to qualify drivers within that state.

Does a DOT medical card have to be obtained in the same state as the CDL is from?

I have a CDL and have been notified to present DMV with a medical certificate or I will lose my driving privileges. Do I need to get a DOT physical just to maintain my license? What is a waiver or exemption and how can I get one? My medical certificate only expires in nine months.

To best understand what’s involved in a DOT physical, read Trucker Docs™ guidebook, How To Take The Stress Out Of Getting Your DOT Medical Card.

See also the FAQ – What are the DOT physical requirements?

You will still have to give a urine sample which is used for a kidney screen for potential medical conditions.

However, companies require a pre-employment drug test.

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This will give you a way to maintain your CDL without a current medical card.So your company may request to have a drug screen done at the same time as you take your DOT physical.Not all medical examiner’s offices that conduct DOT physicals have a drug testing service. Just look on your medical card and find the examiner’s phone number. They may charge you a few bucks for the service, but it’s cheaper than a new examination.This will help everyone to not have duplicate questions. Where can I get the new DOT physical / medical examination forms?

Which drivers are required to have a DOT medical certificate?

Starting May 21, 2014 you can only get medically certified by a federally certified medical examiner – called a CME or Certified Medical Examiner.

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