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“In my grandfather’s days there were a few foreigners but now foreigners are more than us,” said Nkabinde, who pays just 27 rand (.50) a month for his tiny share of floor space.The government is considering asking hostel dwellers to leave for temporary shelters while unspecified “permanent units” are built, a prospect that does not appeal.

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But some weeks the trucks don’t come, leaving him with nothing – either for himself or to send home to support his mother, girlfriend and child. “They are very disappointed,” said hostel resident Sifiso Mlambo, a 41-year-old chemical worker. Your dream doesn’t come true because you don’t have money.” VIOLENCE The hostels also have a history of violence.

Read: Education Department has not screened any new teachers against the National Sexual Offenders Register The court came round to the “Frankel Eight’s” way of thinking.

Although it hasn’t been officially lifted – they still must seek approval from the Constitutional Court – the legal team behind the campaign are confident that the immunity for historical sexual offences will be consigned to the history books where it belongs.

Now the anger in the hostels is directed at the hundreds of thousands of African migrants coming to South Africa, either fleeing persecution elsewhere on the continent or seeking work.

They do not have the contacts to enter the hostels, but find meagre accommodation in the townships where they are based.

Sydney Frankel died of cancer in Johannesburg in April this year.