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For example, the Akkadian god Sin was also known as the moon god Nannar, son of Enlil.

His sister, Inanna also sported the symbol of the crescent moon and had temples throughout Mesopotamia. nterestingly, many deities from other cultures such as the Greeks and Egyptians were alternate versions of original Sumerian “gods”.

The Sumerian Cuneiform tablets, uncovered in the 17th century, provide modern man with a new understanding of our history.

This lost knowledge has been slow to make its way into mainstream thought and is just now beginning to air on television on both the History and Discovery Channels.

Accurately decoding the complicated language of the past has taken archaeologists many decades, but fortunately today these ancient scriptures have come to light for all the public to view.

Access to scripts such as the Book of Enoch, the Nag Hamadi Gospels, the Book of Jubilees, among other historical texts help to broaden our knowledge base relative to the writings in the Canonical Bible; many of these documents predate the Canonical Bible by thousands of years, shedding light on the origins and influences of the familiar stories told therein having an immense influence on Western thought.

Enlil and his various relatives were venerated as gods in various temples from Nineveh to Assur to the Sumerian city of Ur to name just a few.It is interesting to note that in the Sumerian texts, Enki was assigned the regions of Egypt and Africa by his father Anu, on or before 3760 BCE.

Sapphire, I've got so much to show you." He lets go of my hand and backflips into a somersault, and then another and another until the water's churning so fast I can't see him at all. Night is the best time of all." "Why is it the best time of all, Faro? I'm jolting, juddering, struggling in its grip, but I can't break away. It's much too powerful for me, and it knows its own strength. Reassuring thoughts echo in my head, and I'm not sure for a moment if they are my thoughts or Faro's. Now Sapphire and her brother Connor must find out the answer to their father's disappearance and at the same time save themselves from complete destruction.… continue reading »

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She is survived by her beloved husband Shawn Standley, loving daughter Jeri Teyler, and loving son Ryan Ashenfelter, adorable grandsons Mason and Bently Davidson, mother Judy Ashenfelter, sister Amber Hatfield, and brother Chris Ashenfelter, nieces Delaney, Kelsy, Brianna, Jenna, Ashley, nephew Aaron, and her close friend Nanette, Mary and Russ. In 1873 he became a master mason, and in December 1876 he removed to San Jose, where his wife's father, V. … continue reading »

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We aim to ensure that our people are treated with dignity, respect, and equity without distinction.… continue reading »

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Some countries outlaw the act of engaging in sexual activity in exchange for money, while others allow prostitution itself but not most forms of procuring (such as operating brothels, facilitating the prostitution of another, deriving financial gain from the prostitution of another, soliciting/loitering).… continue reading »

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