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My Callaway and Ballard ancestors remained loyal to the United States.

Mike why do you think that I am defensive and shame others?

Perserverating about moral bankruptcy of 1-20 centuries ago serves no purpose, so far as I can see, except to make cheap pronouncements criticizing the political/social foes of our day. Well, seems that the results (similar to the man on the commercial who thought he had a German heritage) have been totally discounted.

What I hear in today's "honest discussions" is mostly smug, sanctimonious, self-righteous, self-satisfied, self-congratulatory, intellectually dishonest claptrap . Only about 15% of Fred's DNA can be attributed to ancestors from the Callaways and Ballards lines.

Keep the Faith Mike Mike, the statues were built between 1890-1920. Lincoln did away with slavery in states in 1863 , those that left the union.

Many blacks and others don't want to be reminded of the cruelty of slavery. Fred- If you are so dissatisfied with the united states and especially Apalacha and West Virginia I sugest you move to Canada where they have made new gender classifications for M for Male, F for Female, and X for all others including Bi Sexuals and those who can't decide.

Fred you think you are "cute" promoting the progressive agenda (you can look up progressive and liberal and social engineering on Google) if you need terms defined (shade from not having your doctorate degree? Every graduate of PHS60 is fully aware of slavery in the USA and I know of not one of them who is responsible for it. All of the confederate leaders were democrats so I guess that you do want to rewrite history? I commend you on your financial contributions and your obituaries but not on your "cute" narrative that conservatives are rasict and non carring and somehow need schooling by you! What is the future for W& L ( Washington and Lee ) University. Alabama joins a list of states passing laws to protect ALL monuments !! Mary's County, Maryland, the 3rd worse camp during the war. Your continual efforts at educating the ignorant masses has forced her to drink. Regarding the momuments she stated, "Why do we need the F... We have books." I did what I always do and begin typing frantically.

People like you are trying to shame amyone who disagrees with them by claimin they are Racists. Folks I am sorry I should consider the source and let this go but things are begining to boil over. I appreciate your trying to help me be a better progressive, but pretty much have my personal and professional life where I want it to be. It is a travesty to destroy and otherwise remove monuments erected to notables on both sides of the conflict. Just because some may be offended is of little justification I am offended by liberal snow flakes too weak to accept the reality of the past but I cannot do anything about it.

Keep the Faith Mike Cookie got a big laugh regarding your statement that she and Mike needed original thought. She has given you original thought for years now but you appear to be so deed in the weeds you can't recognize it. In other words mind your own business and keep your hollier than though and smarter than though advice to yourself. Pete & Tracy how about a report on your health and well being. What about the Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial ( both slave owners ) and all of the statues in the Nations Capitol. I guess Cookie and I are too much steeped in Brush Creek water to fully understand the lib pointof view Ched, Col. The Confederate group if successful would have destroyed the nation.

She also says she hopes the Google function on your computer never gives out. Also a poem from our resident Poet, Carl would be appreciated by me and most? As we learned from history the protection of slavery was included in their constitution.

Lee inherited slaves from his mother when she died. Fredo, human beings being what they are, there's an abundance of moral bankruptcy at all times, during all ages. Keep the Faith Mike Fred Lucas just got the results of his Ancestry DNA analysis and he is distraught beyond words.

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Some of us believe that it's most important to focus on what is at hand, over which we may be able to exert some influence. He had always thought and preached that he was from pure, liberal, Obama loving, northern stock with last names such as Callaways and Ballards.Frances Roney, the daughter of Bill Roney died at age 66. She and her sister Renee were developmentally disabled. The obituary is on the Seaver web site Unfortunately Ohio has had a problem with hate groups. Cookie and Mike, When I discuss slavery, I am Making conversation. Emotions were high and people were afraid to travel . Now she might enjoy that southern drink mint julip Cookie just said "well we've gone full circle.