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It is also important during global economic crisis that the sector of green construction and house energy improvement can lead to new job places.

Moreover, clever use of e- and m-services can be a tool for less energy consumption.

Future EU strategy aims to a low carbon European society by 2050 and to green/sustainable development, ICTs can play a key role in the environmental protection and sustainability, however, green behavior is still critical Keywords: Green Informatics, Green ICTs, e-m services, environmental protection. Introduction In recent years, the role of ICT in the protection of the environment and combating climate change has received significant attention in different types of international fora.

Events and discussions on the topic of Green informatics and Green ICT are frequent and numerous and the interest in ICT s potential is not as much appreciated and often fails to get the attention it deserves to reflect solutions instead of problems (WWF, 2011).

Green Informatics incorporate design techniques, construction techniques, the function and the information diffusion techniques and aim to the optimal environmental governance, in the interest of the natural environment and the natural resources regarding sustainability in combination to management of the energy requirements in a way that exploits the alternative energy sources.

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In 2007, Gartner released a study which showed that the total amount of CO 2 emissions from the ICT industry could amount to 2% of global carbon emissions.

The dimensions of Green Informatics contribution are: the reduction of energy consumption, the rise of environmental awareness, the effective communication for environmental issues and the environmental monitoring and surveillance systems, as a means to protect and restore natural ecosystems potential.

EU has reinforced the environmental sector with focus on high level of protection and improvement of the quality of environment through the enacting of strategies, initiatives and measures.

Agricultural Informatics 2012 Conference Agrárinformatika 2012 Konferencia Innovative Information Technologies in Agriculture Innovatív információtechnológiák az agrárgazdaságban September, 2012, Debrecen, Hungary Edited by Miklós HERDON, Róbert SZILÁGYI HAAI Dissemination of research result on innovative information technologies in agriculture The project is financed by the European Union, with the co-financing of the European Social Fund.

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Agricultural Informatics 2012 Conference Agrárinformatika 2012 Konferencia Innovative Information Technologies in Agriculture Innovatív információtechnológiák az agrárgazdaságban September, 2012, Debrecen, Hungary PROCEEDINGS KONFERENCIA KIADVÁNY Edited by Miklós HERDON Róbert SZILÁGYI I E-version (WWW) ISBN CD-ROM version ISBN Date of publishing: November 2012 Publisher: Hungarian Association of Agricultural Informatics Hungarian Association of Agricultural Informatics, H-4032 Debrecen, Böszörményi str All rights reserved.

Teleconferences have a direct positive effect on environmental protection and GHG emmissions reduction due to reduced transportation needs.

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